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Welcome to Pakistan Academy For Rural Development

TRAINING CALENDAR 2022 (Regular & Collaborative, Admission & Class schedule of High-Tech Skill Centre and Women VTC PARD)

S.No. Topics Duration Period Coordinators/ Associates
1 Governance and Delivery of Essential Public Services in Newly Merged Districts of KP 3-Day January 24-26, 2022 Mr. Asmatullah Shah,  & Mr. Muhammad Arshad,  
2 Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing for Law Enforcement Agencies/Personnel 3-Day February 02-04, 2022 Mr. Zafar Jamal  & Dr. Muhammad Bakhsh,  
3 Project Cycle Managment in Public Sector 5-Day February 21-25, 2022 Dr. Gohar Saeed & Mr. Zafar Jamal
4 Drought Management (Off-Campus at Multan 5-Day March 07-11, 2022 Mr. Zafar Jamal, Mr. Asmatullah Shah & Dr. Muhammad Bakhsh
5 Modern Library Services in Digital Environment 3-Day March 14-16, 2022 Mr. Arif Khan & Mr. Asghar Ali
6 National Conference: Women as Development Agent 2-Day March 29-30, 2022 Mr. Zafar Jamal, Dr. Gohar Saeed, Dr. Muhammad Bakhsh, Mr. Arif Khan & Mrs. Irum Mughal & Ms. Shumaila Butt
7 Natural Resource Management (NRM) through Community Participation in the Context of Rural Development 5-Day May 16-20, 2022 Mr. Muhammad Arshad & Mr. Asmatullah Shah
8 Application of GIS & Remote Sensing in Agriculture Sector 3-Day May 24-26, 2022 Mr. Zafar Jamal & Mr. Asmatullah Shah
9 Appraisal Process for Selection of Community Infrastructure Projects (Off-campus at Kohistan) 4-Day June 07-10, 2022 Mr. Muhammad Arshad & Mr. Asmatullah
10 Essential IT Skills for Government Officials 4-Day June 12-17, 2022 Dr. Muhammad Bakhsh & Dr. Aamir Nadeem
11 Office Procedures and Management in Public Sector 3-Day June 28-30, 2022 Mr. Muhammad Arshad & Dr. Gohar Saeed
12 Filing Income Tax Return 3-Day July 04-06, 2022 Dr. Aamir Nadeem & Dr. Muhammad Bakhsh
13 Climate Change and Food Security in Pakistan 4-Day July 19-22, 2022 Mr. Zafar Jamal & Mr. Asmatullah Shah
14 Project Proposal Development and Implementation (Off-campus at Chilas) 4-Day July 25-28, 2022 Dr. Gohar Saeed, Mr. Zafar Jamal & Dr. Amir Nadeem
15 Conference on Media Management for Public Service Delivery 1-Day August 17, 2022 Dr. Gohar Saeed & Dr. Arif Khan
16 National Conference on Water Resource Management: Issues and Way Forward 3-Day August 29-31, 2022 Mr. Zafar Jamal & Mr. Asmatullah Shah
17 Strengthening Local Governance through Effective Service Delivery (Off-campus at Sukkur) 5-Day September 12-16, 2022 Dr. Gohar Saeed, Mr. Zafar Jamal & Dr. Aamir Nadeem
18 Social Research Methodologies and Techniques 4-Day September 26-29, 2022 Dr. Aamir Nadeem & Dr. Gohar Saeed
19 Disaster Management (Off-campus at Muzaffarabad AJK) 5-Day October 10-14, 2022 Mr. Zafar Jamal, Dr. Muhammad Bakhsh & Ms. Iram Mughal
20 National Workshop on Sustainable Rural Development 3-Day October 25-27, 2022 Mr. Asmatullah shah, Dr. Gohar Saeed & Mr. Muhammad Arshad
21 Environmental Impact Assessment for Development Projects (Off-campus at Zhob) 5-Day November 14-18, 2022 Mr. Zafar Jamal, Dr. Gohar Saeed & Dr. Aamir Nadeem
22 Orientation to Modern Communication skills for Faculty/Officers (Training of Trainers) 2-Day November 22-23, 2022 Dr. Muhammad Bakhsh and Mr. Asmatullah Shah
23 Community Mobilization for Rural Development (Off-campus at Attock) 3-Day December 13-15, 2022 Mr. Asmatullah Shah, Dr. Gohar Saeed & Dr. Aamir Nadeem
24 Contemporary Approaches to Municipal Management (in collaboration with WSSP) 5-Day December 19-23, 2022 Mr. Zafar Jamal & Ms. Iram Mughal

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